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Well, what a day Saturday 10th August turned out to be. Andy (Tank Man) and the Cambridge members had spent days, weeks and months organising and planning what was to be the biggest event that we in the Cambridge TVRCC had ever staged. At the final planning meeting 2 weeks earlier we heard that the number of TVRs that had booked in was already exceeding all expectations.

Throughout the week Andy was still getting calls from people wanting to attend and this was with bad weather forecast for the day. So, up at 4.30am on the Saturday saw a misty but dry early morning. Much work had to be done before the massed convoys of TVRs started to arrive. By 10.30am cars were starting to arrive - then all hell let loose when up to 100 TVRs seemed to arrive all at once. We had to keep the cars off the highway but managed to pull all the cars into the site and through the ticket point without a hitch.

Then it rained - we got soaked but it did not matter because the sun came out in time for the BBQ and the sprinting. Quite how we managed to feed over 1000 people at the BBQ is a miracle bearing in mind that we are not professional caterers but all volunteers from the Cambridgeshire and Suffolk/Norfolk TVRCC groups. But it all went like clockwork with the queues of TVR people in good spirits. An aerobatics display laid on for the event had the girls serving the BBQ wondering if they were under attack - well they were pretty close to the end of the runway.

By 4.00pm with still a few TVRs arriving we had massed up to 500 TVRs at the event. What a sight - every model from TVR No2 right up to Tuscans and Tamoras in every colour imaginable including Jamie Shaw's show winning Cerbera. CDL Racing, Eclipse Racing Team and Martin Short with the successful SPA 24 hour Cerbera were amongst the TVRs on display. Trade stands, the club stand and even an F1 simulator all helped to make this a great show.

But the bit most were waiting for was the sprinting down the runway. Now with up to 500 TVRs this was not going to be a walk in the park. But with some carefully planned organisation groups of TVRs were allowed out in succession to allow all an equal stint down the runway. Being stationed at the start of the runway the noise was just deafening. For my money the group of SEACs and wedges came a close second to the 2-seat racing Tuscan piloted by 2001 TVR Tuscan champion Stephen Guglielmi.

Many thanks to all who helped make this event a success including the sponsors and all the visitors who we hope had a great day in Cambridgeshire.

Mike Good, Cambridgeshire Region
Cambridge Region website -
(all following pics from Mike Good unless stated - the impressive aerial view above was taken from the Dragon Rapide on its last flight before the sprints by Richard Blacklee

The queues waiting to be checked in   The TVRs begin to fill up the parking area
Until the field is almost full!
Dealers and trade stands to visit   The weather looked gloomy at the start
but brightened up later   Entry to the military/aircraft museum included
I caught this small chap looking at the modified cerbera. Is this where the TVR obsession starts - from Russell Larcombe   The Spa cerbera - Pic entitled - 'And this bit of tape held the front wing on - from Russell Larcombe
The polishers worked hard in the concours area   The very impressive BBQ
Over 1000 people to feed!    

If you know of any other links you think would be worth adding to this website please let us know.
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