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Power and Passion 25-27th Sept 2004

It was great to see so many start TVRs in one place – the Speed 12, one of the Le Mans T400Rs, the White Elephant, the ’62 Le Mans Grantura, the Sagaris, the Tuscan Mk II, Steve Heath’s 520SE and Simon Bowes TVRCC Challenge Cup Griffith. It was fascinating also to see and hear the double act between our presenter Penny Mallory and Le Mans driver Michael Caine. The event was slightly different to that planned owing to unforeseen difficulties which arose at the 11th hour and 59th minute but all credit must go to Colin Last and his team of organisers who replanned an event that had been 10 months in the planning and then completely rewritten in the last 48 hours. Thanks you to all those who did so much to make it happen. A fuller report will appear in Sprint. In the meantime here are some photos from today.

power and passion

Power and Passion - Photos
A visual taste of what went on at Power and Passion 2004. Nearly 200 photos - so beware! the index page will be slow to load. However we did this on purpose so that they link to larger size images in case you want to download them. Some of the images are a bit dull but as those who went know it was a bit overcast...

Power and Passion 'evening' photos
Kindly sent in by Nicky Evans. Photographic evidence of the evenings festivities at the Millennium stadium in Cardiff. Again a big index page which will be slow, linked to the main pics so you can download if required.


If you know of any other news you think would be worth adding to this website please let us know.
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