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TVR has their new Cosworth V8 on test
(Posted on 08/10/2015)

TVR have just sent out this news release: 
Dear TVR Fan,
By way of a brief update, I thought you would like to hear about some exciting news that is breaking in Autocar and Motorsport magazine.
Steve Cropley met us at Cosworth a little while ago to witness the firing up of the pre-production version of our new engine on the dyno. It was a pretty seminal moment – all of those months of hard work culminating in a single button push! Needless to say it was very exciting, particularly as the dyno cell in question is capable of simulating various circuits around the world as part of its automated routine…needless to say, we chose Le Mans!
Without wishing to steal any of Steve’s thunder, we were all very impressed with the performance, particularly the torque characteristics and peak power of the test engine. Even without the correct exhaust system fitted, it sounded awesome – fire & brimstone! The lap time was pretty impressive too!
Having achieved most of what we need for the road car, we continue to build on the strengths of the base engine, heading towards our various milestones of track, one make series and Le Mans cars, refining the road car version alongside developing the race versions. Currently, the Le Mans regulations for 2017 and beyond are still in the melting pot but we hope to have clarity on these in the coming months. This will assist not only the race car effort, but also could determine some of the work we do on the LE car - it’s better to allow for as much as possible (without compromising the road car) than to change it just for the race effort.
There will be a number of aspects of our current progress revealed and discussed in the article, not least of which will be the source of the base engine…and more! We could, of course, have sent out an official update but we feel that one from an independent source would be better – warts and all, as with all that we do.
Read more and view the dyno video by visiting the on-line version of Autocar via the link below.  The printed version is also available from your local retailer.

Very best wishes,

Les Edgar
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