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Le Mans 2005
Le Mans 24 Hour 2005
Last year's Le Mans saw the usual huge contingent of TVRCC members travel down to La Sarthe to support the Team Peninsula TVR. the reports, which originally appeared live on the Club website via a direct link up to the Peninsula pits, are below.
Team Reports

Peninsula TVR
Latest from Le Mans Testing
(Posted on 07/06/2005 by Ralph Dodds)
"Peninsula’s first testing session went well with the drivers learning the huge circuit and the rest of the team trying out various settings ready for qualifying," writes Peninsula's Richard Mayoh

"The car ran well except for a rear suspension problem during the morning testing when John was driving. Richard and Piers had very similar times in their test sessions.
"The times were poorer than expected due to gearing and diff ratio issues which will be changed for qualifying.

"On the straight the best speed was 175mph and it seemed to stay similar whatever rear splitter or trim of the wing was used until we put on a gurney strip which cost 4 mph with no particular settling in the corners. Gradually the car was adjusted to be better for bumps and undulations on the road".

Team Manager Dennis Leech said, "We are trying something with the differential and that caused a small oil leak. There is no rush today so we did a ‘spanner check’ on the whole car. We are concentrating on handling today. Due to the high speed nature of the track it calls for different aerodynamics than we would use anywhere else and at the moment we are a couple of miles an hour down on our top speed."

Richard added, "The team did not use qualifying tyres or try any one off aerodynamic tweaks to get a time". They finished the session 14th in class with a time of 4:25.304.

Last year’s TVR entry, Chamberlain Synergy Motorsport headed by Gareth Evans and Bob Berridge, are this year entered into the faster LM2 class with a Lola AER and finished the test session 17th overall (6th in class) with a time of 3:47.586 while former TVR racers Martin Short and Bobby Verdon-Roe finished testing in 6th and 18th places respectively with their LM1 Rollcentre Racing Dallaras. back

Clean Bill of Health for Racesports Peninsula TVR
(Posted on 04/06/2005 by Ralph Dodds)
Friday and Saturday 4/5th June saw the teams preparing for the test sessions due to take place on Sunday; last-minute adjustments to the cars, seat-fittings for some drivers, and fitting out the pit garages. The teams also had to submit to the rigours of technical inspections – for both cars and drivers

very car is checked with scrupulous efficiency, to ensure that it is safe to take to the track and that it complies with the regulations. No teams are exempt – not even those who went through the process less than two months ago, competing in the Le Mans Endurance Series race at Spa-Francorchamps. So many had already undergone scrutineering, involving many of the officials examining them today.
“We got a clean bill of health at Spa, and it was the same here today,” explained Dennis Leech, team manager of Racesport Peninsula, whose TVR Tuscan 400R had just been checked. “We get on well with the scrutineers – they are very helpful. They measure just about every dimension, and they are very strict – the length is checked to the nearest millimetre. They also measure the front and rear overhangs, the wheelbase, the width, the rear wing size – everything.”

Passing such a meticulous examination isn’t the end of it for the teams – the officials will have their weigh scales and measures out again in ten days’ time, rechecking the cars with even greater thoroughness prior to the actual race.

The drivers also have to go through a technical inspection, the administrators using part of the media centre for the purpose. “They are very thorough – more so than for any other series,” said Darren Turner, who will be racing one of the two Aston Martin DBR9 entries tomorrow. “We have to fill out a few forms and produce our racing licence, which the officials take a copy of. They check our helmets, and even that our racing overalls have the right FIA serial numbers.”

As with the cars, the drivers will go through it all again prior to the race – but again, it will be taken to the next level. “For practice, they just check a single helmet for each driver; before the race, where a driver uses more than one then each one will be looked at,” explained Turner. “They will check everything – even our boots and gloves.”

Scrutineering for the race takes place on Monday and Tuesday 13/14th June, when the organisers take over the town centre of Le Mans. For years the Place des Jacobins has become the centre of activity, and members of the public flock to take advantage of the chance to get close to the teams and drivers.

We wish the team all the very best for testing tomorrow.

With thanks to the ACO for this report

Le Mans Practice This Weekend
(Posted on 03/06/2005 by Ralph Dodds)
Just two weeks to get your Team Racesport Peninsula TVR regalia!
The team are now at Le Mans in anticipation of this weekend's official practice and we hope to bring you details of how they get on here. If you haven't ordered your supporter's regalia it's not too late to do so for the big weekend itself in just two weeks time and it can be ordered directly from Peninsula TVR by viewing their website. Five separate items are available - a t-shirt, polo shirt, fleece, jacket and baseball cap.

Join In The Lime Light.....
(Posted on 27/05/2005 by teampeninsula)
Do you want to be a part of the continual build-up for Le Mans in the South West? The ITV cameras will be at the Aylesbeare Dealership on the afternoon of 31st May. They will be there to meet and interview the team and of course see the TVR race car. The team will then be departing from the Dealership to head straight for Le Mans. If you would like to be a part of the “send off” and maybe even contribute to the ITV coverage then do come down to Peninsula. It is a great opportunity to get as many TVRs down to Sidmouth Road as possible. If you need any more information feel free to call Peninsula on 01395 232241

Be Part Of The Team!

(Posted on 25/05/2005 by teampeninsula)
The Peninsula TVR online shop has now been finished allowing all TVR Le Mans fans to equip themselves with the latest "Team Gear". The high quality Team shirts, fleeces, jackets and caps will be delivered in time for the great event. Any questions feel free to call Fiona on 01395 232241 All support is appreciated and the Team look forward to seeing as many supporters as possible in Le come and say hi!!

Final touches are being carried on the Peninsula T400R race car as the team ready themselves for this years Le Mans race.
(Posted on 17/05/2005 by Paul Calland)
The car has continued to undergo a variety of modifications and tests to maximise the team’s chances of a successful result in France. Meanwhile the drivers have not been left out as they continue their rigorous training sessions to increase their fitness for the race. On the 31st May the team will leave the Aylesbeare dealership for the trip to Le Mans to prepare for testing and the race. There is an open invite to those who wish to come along to Peninsula and give them a TVR send off!

For all those TVRCC fans that are attending the Le Mans event the team would appreciate any support you can give them as they are the only TVR in the race this year. A yell as they pass in the “parade de pilote” or simply wearing black and/or yellow as you watch the race would be much appreciated.

If you would like any 2005 Peninsula Le Mans polo shirts, caps and fleeces you can order from (from this weekend 21st!) or call 01395 232241 in time for the big race!

Peninsula hope to see as many TVR fans in France as possible so do make yourself known to the team. (They hope to be celebrating with you all on Sunday night!)

Le Mans – the Final Countdown
(Posted on 14/06/2005 posted by Ralph Dodds)
More news will appear here as soon as we receive it. Best wishes to drivers John Hartshorne, Richard Stanton and Piers Johnson plus all of the support team and back room boys for a fantastic result this weekend. We’re all rooting for you.
Don’t forget, if you are driving down to La Sarthe for this weekend’s race and it is your first Le Mans, there is a very good guide for Le Mans virgins

Charity Cyclists On Their Way
(Posted on 14/06/2005 posted by Ralph Dodds)
The Club's 17 cyclists with their four back up staff have left UK and are on their way to Le Mans, raising money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Le Mans - First Qualifying
(Posted on 16/06/2005 posted by Ralph Dodds)
The Racesports Peninsula TVR T400R acquiited itslef well last night during first qualifying sessions. At the end of day qualifying it was lying 41st overall and 12th in class with a time of 5:20.267. During the night time session it posted a best time of 4:48.379 leaving the team 44th overall and 11th in class

Le Mans - Final Qualifying
(Posted on 17/06/2005 posted by Ralph Dodds)
Well we now know the grid positions for tomorrow's race. The Racesports Peninsula TVR T400R shaved nearly 30 seconds of its previous best time in practice and qualifying to post a time of 4:22.310 for the 13km circuit. Unfortunately, everyone else improved during this final session as well so no real improvement on grid position - the teams starts in 12th place in class - 46th overall. But, as Henri Pescarolo, team owner for the all-French Pescarolo Judds that occupy P1 and P2 on the grid in their LM1 cars said last night, “It’s the race that counts”.

First Report from Le Mans live from the pits
(Posted on 17/06/2005 posted by Paul Calland)
We have now got a link up to the TVRCC and Penninsula website from the pit garage at Le Mans and will update both sites as frequently as we can as the race progresses. The team are all busy preparing the car for the race tomorrow and we are all looking forward to the Parade De Pilotes this evening in Le Mans town centre.

Second Report from the pits
(Posted on 18/06/2005 posted by Paul Calland)
The second report from the Peninsula pits. It is very very warm! Temperatures are 30+ and it can only be imagined how hot it must be inside the T400. All the drivers have now had a stint in the car and Piers is currently back out for his second drive now. The car is running well and everyone is enthusiastic (but very hot). After his first stint Piers was seen sat with his feet in a bucket of cold water!

Technical update
(Posted on 18/06/2005 posted by Paul Calland)
So far there have been two delays; So far there have been two delays;
The first was 20 minutes sorting out a broken clutch pedal. Apparently clutch pedal travel is now what you would call minimal as it is now something nearer to and on/off switch. The drivers are having to be really careful especially when leaving the pits!

The second was an hours delay caused by a problem wheel nut and thread. John sat waiting in the car in the extreme temperatures we are experiencing here for a good while but ended up having to get out and wait.

Unfortunate maybe but it is a 24 hour race and there are still many many hours to go and the car is out there working hard. The team are all in good spirits and there are some interesting photos being taken inside the pits that are not ideal for the website but may end up being printed out and passed around!

11 Hours Have Past And So Far So Good
(Posted on 19/06/2005 posted by Paul Calland)
With 11 hours now past the Peninsula T400R is still lapping the Le Mans street circuit. At present Piers is out on track and lapping at 4.24.349 The team are relaxed as they continue to fuel and service the Tuscan R through the night. Although it is just gone 3am the team are relaxed and readying themselves for the next pit stop. At present there are no serious issues with the car and the team are happy with the current situation. The main problrm for all the drivers is the heat they have to contend with in the cabin.

Night time at Le Mans
(Posted on 19/06/2005 posted by Paul Calland)
It got down as 'cool' as 20 degrees apparently?!!

12 Noon report

(Posted on 19/06/2005 posted by Paul Calland)
The TVR is still out and running. Temperatures are set to top 33-35 degrees so it is even hotter than yesterday. Currently it is standing at 14th in class and lapping at 4.32.247. Richard is at the wheel, Piers having handed over a while ago.

Le Mans is over...for 2005
(Posted on 20/06/2005)
For the second consecutive year, as the famous Le Mans Rolex clock passed 4.00pm on Sunday afternoon, the TVR supporters had something to cheer about. For again, the TVR entry had proved that despite what the doubters might say, reliability is proven by finishing the world’s most gruelling endurance race. For that is exactly what the Racesports Peninsula TVR T400R had done.

Following the excellent result in 2004 when both Synergy Chamberlain Motorsport T400s crossed the line in formation, this year the sole TVR entry, piloted through this final session by Richard Stanton, crossed the finishing line after completing 256 laps of the 13.650 km (8.476 miles) circuit. That’s 2170 miles in 24 hours at an average speed of 90.4mph. Of 49 starters, including 14 in the GT2 class, the T400R finished in 26th position overall and 8th in class.
Other TVRCC favourites also entered in the race included former Tuscan drivers Jamie Campbell-Walter (finished 15th overall, 8th in LM1 class) and Martin Short (17th overall, 9th in LM1 class). The other former Tuscan pilot Bobby Verdon-Roe, driving a Dallara Nissan in LM1, retired after 18 hours while last year’s TVR entrants, Gareth Evans and Bob Berridge of Synergy Chamberlain Motorsport, retired after just five hours following gearbox failure in their LM2 Lola. The race was won again by an Audi. For full results see the Le Mans website or for more photographs see the PlanetLeMans website.

Well done to John Hartshorne, Richard Stanton and Piers Johnson, together with team manager Dennis Leech and all at Racesports Peninsula TVR. We wish them continued success in this year’s LMES and hope to see them back at La Sarthe in 2006.

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