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What is the TVR Car Club?
The TVR Car Club is the only Club in the world that caters for all TVR enthusiasts. It currently has over 5000 members in over 30 countries in all five continents. Members own cars ranging from the oldest TVR still in existence, 'TVR No 2', right up to the very last models  to pass out of Bristol Avenue such as the Tuscan 2, T350, Sagaris and even the Typhon.



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What extra resources are available to me in the Members' Area of the Website?

rockDiscussion Forums.  These are member only, troll free forums where you can be assured that your questions will be answered knowledgably. Click here for a sample of the forums and some of the recent topics discussed.


Members Benefits.  A full list of all of the companies offering discounts and special offers to TVRCC members saving potentially hundreds of pounds per year.  Click here for a sample current list.


Club Archives.  The TVRCC is slowly digitising its extensive archive of TVR related material and making it available to members to view online.  For a sample click here.



Sprint Archive.  The TVRCC is also digitising the entire back catalogue of Sprint.  An example of Sprint #1 can be viewed here (don't worry - the quality has improved over the past 40-odd years!).  Members will view this in a dedicated pdf page turner.


TVR Colours.  Looking for a TVR but need to know what the difference is between Rolex Blue and Starmist Blue?  Look no further.  In conjunction with one of our members, who is a specialist in the automotive paint industry, we have pulled together a series of photographs of all of the main TVR colours and many of the lesser known ones.  Click here for a sample.



FAQs.  Currently a list of frequently asked TVR history and technical questions.  We are in the process of migrating parts of this this to the new Technical page.  Click here for a sample of the questions asked.


RO Area.  A page dedicated to our regional organisers with extra information including downloads of Club logos, the RO guide and advice of what material and services the Club has available to help regions with their own events.


TVRCC TV. An area where all TVR related videos are hosted ready for you for download.  Click here for a sample.


Technical.  Another new area where we will be pulling together the whole range of technical information available within the Club on each model of TVR from Grantura to Typhon.


350Picture This. Picture This is a monthly photographic competition hosted in the Club magazine, TVR Sprint.  The Picture This on this site will show all those images entered for the competition each month as well as the winners.


Events Pages.  A full day by day listing of everything that is going on in TVRland, together with reports on past TVRCC events.


Motorsport. Full race details of the Club's own race series, the TVR Car Club Challenge Cup, as well as the TVRCC Speed Championship for Sprinters and information about all other TVR related motorsport.  Challenge Cup results are usually posted here within 60 minutes of each race finishing.


Model Areas.  A model by model breakdown of TVRs with history and technical information.  Currently in the process of being updated.


Trade Links.  A full list of companies who have been recommended by our members.


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