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About the TVR Car Club a brief history

TVR Car ClubThis page remains under development following discovery of some new evidence regarding the history of the founding of the Club which we are continuing to investigate.


The TVR Car Club has grown to become one of the premier one-marque car clubs in the UK with a membership of over 5000 and affiliated clubs around the world. We are a Club run by and for our members, and aim to provide something for everyone interested in TVR, whether you own one of the earliest pre-Grantura models or the last Sagaris or Typhon to leave Bristol Avenue, or if you are simply enthusiastic about the marque.
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drWe aim to promote all things TVR. As soon as you mention the phrase 'Car Club', it often conjures up the image of middle aged men in tweed caps, puffing on pipes with their head under the bonnet in pub car parks. Well we do some of that (perhaps not the tweed caps and pipes) with 50 regional meetings spread across all four corners of the UK, but we also do much more besides.

We have always argued that with the performance available in any TVR, it cannot be fully exploited on the public highway so we give our members the opportunity to drive on the race circuit at our various track days. We support TVRs in Motorsport and a large TVR Car Club gathering always makes the annual pilgrimage to Le Mans in France every June for the '24 Heures du Mans'.

bngWe aim to cater for the family by arranging informal social gatherings in pleasant surroundings. We organise a series of single and multi-model events around the country such as Big Northern Gathering (North East/West), Wedge Fest and Griff Growl (both Stratford upon Avon) and Gang on the Green (Wells) to name but a few and have regular visits to Blackpool to the historical home of TVR. 


In recent years, following the sad closure of the Bristol Avenue factory in 2006, the guided tours of TVR Engineering Ltd are no longer available but we still aim to visit the former factory site every year or so where there are now a wide range of TVR specialist companies, many owned and run by former TVR employees.  We always aim where possible for a large TVR parade along the promenade which in 2010 was undertaken under the lights of the illuminations.  Any suggestion that we stole the show from Robbie Williams who turned them on...are probably true!

We assist members with proving provenance of older cars and proactively help the national motoring press with finding TVRs for magazine coverage. The vast majority of TVRs that are featured in articles in the motoring media are owned by Club members and are sourced through the TVRCC. Since January 2012, over 10 different TVRs have all featured in national magazines that are owned by TVRCC members.

We have a Club Office based in Shropshire that is open during normal working hours to offer advice on any aspect of TVR ownership. And of course, members receive the monthly magazine, TVR Sprint. For anyone thinking of buying a TVR, this is the magazine to read. Packed full of articles about all things to do with TVR, it is an essential read for all TVR enthusiasts.

Finally membership gives you access to the Members Only area of this website where you can find out much more about each model type, access our technical pages and read through our extensive digital archive. There is a Discussion Forum where you can seek the views of current owners before you take the plunge and buy your first TVR.  Unlike other forums, because this is a memers' only forum, you can be assured that it is not full of spotty teenagers trolling from their bedrooms and you can guarantee that you are sure of a warm welcome no matter what your TVR interest is.

A brief history of TVR
TVR was founded in 1947 by Trevor Wilkinson (see right) (who gave his name to the make - TreVoR) in Blackpool as Trevcar Motors. He built his first car in 1949 using a multi-tubular chassis, Morris 8 mechanicals and a Ford 100E engine to which he added his own design metal bodyshell. This car sadly no longer exists but its successor, TVR No 2, does and is owned by a current TVRCC member. Soon Trevor realised that the bodyshell would be much more cost-effective it it were made in GRP and in 1953 started fitting RGS Atlanta bodies to his chassis before the first real production TVR with an in-house produced GRP body, the Grantura, appeared in 1958.


TVR No.2
Trevor in Blackpool, 1997 © Colin Lyons
Trevor's RGS Atlanta bodied TVR in 1962 at the Hoo Hill Works
TVR Grantura


The years since have seen the company pass through tumultuous times and a variety of different models - Griffith 200 and 400, Vixen, Tuscan V6 and V8, 2500 and 3000M, Taimar, 3000S, Tasmin/280i , 350i, 390SE, 420 and 450SEAC, 400 and 450SE, S1, S2, S3 and S4, V8S, Griffith, Chimaera, Cerbera, Tuscan, Tamora, Sagaris and T400R/Typhon and a selection of engines from Ford 1100 to Rover 5.0-litre and finally TVR's own 6, 8 and 12 cylinder engines.  Throughout all the changes, Trevor's basic concept of fitting a GRP body to a multi-tubular chassis with front engine and rear wheel drive, with particular attention being paid to power/weight ratios, has produced ever more exciting cars for the enthusiast.  For a fuller description of TVR's history, click here.

drOne of the most rewarding ways to enjoy the Club is to get out and meet other owners/enthusiasts, made easy by going along to one of over 40 monthly regional meetings nationwide from Cornwall to North East Scotland and from Northern Ireland to Kent. You will be made welcome by members from all walks of life who own everything from pre-Granturas to the latest Typhon - several members have something old and something new! We pride ourselves in having no new vs old car snobbery, in fact owners of older cars are particularly welcome as they become a rarer sight on our roads.

The Regional Organisers also plan regular social gatherings and visits to classic car shows and events where they can spread the word of TVR. Some Regions organise their own mini-track days at local circuits around the country where you can learn to use the power of your TVR in safety.

The national programme consists of a variety of events both social and sporting with the emphasis on enjoying your TVR. We used to have an annual visit to Blackpool (Back Home) where we would tour the TVR factory and see where your car was constructed. Sadly this is no longer possible although we do meet in Blackpool from time to time to remind the local residents of their most famous export! 


In the summer we organise a National Gathering where we aim to gather as many TVRs together at once. Previous venues have stretched from as far afield as Kent to the Isle of Man, from South Wales to East Anglia or from the Home Counties through the East Midlands to Scotland. We have often linked this event in with a track day at one of the country's premier motor racing circuits such as Brands Hatch, Donington and Silverstone where again you can explore your car's full potential with expert tuition available if required. Over and above this we have in recent years organised a large number of other national track days spread around the country from Knockhill and Croft in the north to Snetterton and Castle Combe in the South. Additionally, there is an international meeting every year at Zolder where enthusiasts from all over Europe meet to enjoy their cars on one of Europe's most famous circuits.  Unfortunately, attendance at track days in the past 2-3 years years has diminished and we are no longer able to put on as many as we would like within our financial constraints. 

The TVR Car Club is always represented at the major national classic car shows, such as the Bristol Classic Car Show, the Bromley Pageant, the Classic Motor Show at the NEC and occasionally at the Goodwood Festival of Speed although in recent years this has become cost prohibitive.  Our events team are continuing to look for new opportunities to spread the word of TVR.

As a member you will receive a copy of the award winning full colour magazine TVR Sprint every month. A4 and with 64 pages per month this is widely recognised as one of the top car club magazines in the country and was awarded the title of Best Club magazine in 2004. Each month it contains technical information, Factory and Dealer updates, TVR road test reprints, reports of TVR motorsport competitions, regional reports, classified TVR sales and wanted, letters to the Editor, future events diary and trade advertisements from some of the best companies in TVR after-sales support.



With the closure of the TVR Factory, the TVRCC is the primary source of cars for various national magazines for road tests and on average, 10 or so members' cars are featured in magazines each year. Invariably, these are at very short notice and so calling notices asking for violunteers are published in the forums.  The club does maintain a database of members who are willing to be called on at short notice to fulfil these tasks (occasionally, there is not even  the time to advertise in the forums); if you would wish to be included in this, members should contact the Public Relations Manager (contact details in the Members' Area)

The award-winning website web site, judged Best Large Club website by Classic & Sports Car in 2007 and 2012 (and three times runner up in other years), provides information of interest to TVR enthusiasts and is split into two areas – members and non-members. At the moment, you are in the non-members area which gives basic information about the Club, about TVR, classified advertisements and provides you with membership details. Once you have joined, you will gain access to the members-only area. This is a secure area, access to which is regulated by the Club membership database.  Provided your membership is recorded as being in date on the Club database, you can access the members' area.  As a certain meerkat might say, simples!


This area includes information about Membership benefits and discounts - where you can save ¬£00s per year on individual discounts, forthcoming events, Club officials’ contact details, technical details, access to the Club's online archives, model specific pages, the Club's insurance scheme, motorpsort details, access to the Club's online video library: TVRCCTV and a Discussion Forum where you can get your burning questions answered by our experienced members. You can view a preview of the member's area here.

dcFor members who are interested in taking part in motor sport, the TVR Car Club is RACMSA recognised and has members who regularly sprint, hillclimb, rally and race their TVRs. Some members compete in prestigious national and international events such as the Le Mans 25 hours race and the Le Mans Classic, the Dutch Supercar Cup, Britcar, the Dunlop TVR European Challenge, various 750 Motor Club series and a variety of series under the auspices of the HSCC, plus the Club's in house organised Speed Championship and Classic Marques Challenge.


In 2000, the TVRCC inauguraed the Tasmin Challenge which offered a true entry level introduction to motorsport. In 2004, this opened up to become the TVR Car Club Challenge Cup, a TVR only race series open to any TVR in three classes depending upon power output which two years later merged with the former factory sponsored TVR Tuscan Challenge and now forms the basis of the DTEC series.  It is the only series where you can see cars such as the diminutive 2.8 litre Tasmins compete - and sometimes win - against the mighty V8 Tuscans, Cerberas and Sagaris.  Twice since 2007, the championship has been won by a driver in a Class C Tasmin.

We are often able to negotiate reduced rates for entry plus special parking areas and even parade laps of the circuit for members at race meetings where TVRs are on the programme. Wherever possible, members will have a hospitality area in the infield. in 2003 and 2004, over 2000 members visited Le Mans where all of our teams’ drivers, engineers and management joined us on the campsite for two impromptu parties. Not something that Bentley or Audi ever did!  Although the Club's presence at le Mans has reduced in the years since, it remains one of the most popular motorsport events in the TVRCC calendar to which hundreds of our members travel every year.  In 2012, the 50th anniversary of TVR's first ever attempt on the 24 hour race, a similar numr of Club members returned for the Classic Le Mans to see that same Grantura competing - alongside 4 other Granturas - against Ferrari GTOs, GT40s, E Types and a variety of Porsche and Aston Martin and finish a creditible 20th (out of 70).


Through the Club Office, the TVR Car Club offers members over 100 items of regalia ranging from leisure wear such as sweatshirts and lambswool sweaters to exclusive TVR wristwatches, umbrellas and parts manuals for most types of TVR.

The complete Regalia range is available on line in our shop.

We maintain a club office in Telford, that is available to offer advice on any aspect of buying, maintaining or insuring a TVR and can answer any further queries that you may have regarding membership of the TVR Car Club. The office can be contacted from 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, and 9am to 4.30pm on Fridays. The Club Office telephone number is 01952 822126 (please leave a message on the answerphone if unmanned). Faxes may be sent to 01952 822127 at any time. The postal address is:

TVR Car Club Ltd
Unit 5
Nova House
Audley Avenue Enterprise Park
TF10 7DW

What type of insurance do you need?  Do you want Classic or everyday use, inclusive track days or not, garaged or non-garaged, limited or unlimited mleage?  What's your experience of driving a TVR or similar powerful rear wheel drive sports car?  We would advise that in the first instance you email the TVRCC Office or phone on 01952 822126 (opening hours above).  Alternatively, members can check out our insurance page.



The Club Articles of Association can be downloaded in pdf format here.  Note - to read this file you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  If you do not have this software, you can download a free copy.



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